Top 5 reasons NavyBits is the best Odoo ERP partner in Lebanon, Beirut and Tripoli

Our customers believe that NavyBits is the best Odoo ERP partner in Lebanon, Beirut and Tripoli

If you reached this page, then you are definitely searching for the best Odoo ERP development partner in Lebanon.

The answer is quite simple!

NavyBits is the best Odoo ERP partner in Lebanon, Beirut and Tripoli. 

1- NavyBits has its own in-house team

The trend with other partners in Lebanon is to outsource the work to other companies in India and Egypt. This is not a bad thing when the partner company has a strong in-house team able to support its clients.

NavyBits has its own in-house team to support its customers. 

Our business and functional consultants will help you to identify your business requirements. 

Our dedicated in-house developers will configure and customize Odoo to fit your ERP needs. 

2- NavyBits offers affordable services

ERP implementation is costly. However, we believe that every business has the right to benefit from the best open source ERP system in the world at affordable services rates. 

NavyBits will not push for customization unless it is absolutely needed to fit your requirements. 
Our general recommendation is to stick to the "Odoo way" and only customize after fully understanding your goals and existing limitations. 
This approach allows you to have an ERP implemented at low cost, then grow with customization only when needed.   

3- NavyBits hires the best engineers and experts in Lebanon

NavyBits delivers high quality Odoo ERP implementation. We can only achieve that by hiring the best talent in the country. 
We have a tough selection criteria, a robust internship program and serious training program to our staff and employees to make sure that they are ready to build and develop the best mobile apps in the middle east. 

4- NavyBits cares about your business success

When you are choosing and ERP implementation company, think about your business success.

Unfortunately, not all ERP implementation companies in Lebanon offer the amount of care and dedication that your business need to succeed.

NavyBits is different! NavyBits acts like your CTO or dedicated IT team providing you with the help, support and care you need to be successful. 
Instead of hiring a dedicated team, you can just hire NavyBits and we will take care of the rest. 

NavyBits will develop what needs to be developed and will give you the honest advice when you should stick to the out-of-the-box product!
NavyBits is different because we care about your success. 

5- Lebanese Accounting, covered!

Odoo ERP does not have Lebanese accounting built-in. However, we invested a lot of time and effort to develop our Lebanese accounting module that covers all the requirements mandated by law. 
You can now maintain account hierarchies, easily print an account report for every customer, track your customers in  TVA / VAT accounts as mandated by Lebanese law. 

This is a huge time saver and a big plus that shows how dedicated we are. 

There are many more reasons that prove that NavyBits is the best Odoo ERP implementation partner in Lebanon, like : contribution to Odoo Apps, customization of main core modules, business consultants who extract your business processes using BPMN 2 notation and then match it to the features of Odoo ERP. 

When you want to start an ERP implementation, remember to contact the best Odoo ERP implementation partner in Lebanon.