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1. 1 Grow your business

3. 3 To empower our community and customers with innovation and technology to drive success. Vision Mission Transform businesses and communities by innovating new products and providing services that use the latest technology advancements in software, mobility and beyond. This is achieved by staying agile and flexible while adopting bleeding edge technologies and by building a robust and distinguished company culture.

5. 5 We value team work and we involve all our team members in every project. We focus on high quality, high standard deliverables. We are proud of our services and confident that you will never find a better partner. User experience sits at the heart of our work. Our projects are managed by a professional PMI certified professional (PMP) and we adopt robust quality management and control processes. We partner with you to build a success story and we strive for long term relationship instead of short term deals. NavyBits is different

11. 11 info@navybits.com www.navybits.com @ navybits navybits HEADQUARTER 1 st floor BIAT center Chamber of Commerce Bchara El - Khoury St. Tripoli, Lebanon Contact us G r o w y o u r b u s i n e s s

9. 9 Visionaris is a business management consulting. Visionaris selected NavyBits as its affiliate for IT consultancy. Visionaris The best home maintenance startup in Saudi Arabia, with unique referral program. Houssey, KSA EBS needed an advanced mobile app with order tracking, delivery, loyalty system and smart analytics. NavyBits delivered a best - in - class solution that simplified EBS daily operations. EBS Al - Fayhaa venue Customers & Partners

10. 10 HMA needed a reliable partner to deliver a digital presence solution including a marketing website and mobile apps. HMA Auto Mall Averda is a multi - national company with regional office in Dubai. Averda needed an eAM mobile app integrate with Oracle eAM . Averda A new e - Commerce startup (not launched yet) selected NavyBits for the development of its e - commerce infrastructure include mobile and web commerce. SouqLeb Customers & Partners

6. 6 Today ’ s economy requires innovative solutions to the growing challenges. Startups need research in addition to scalable and reliable technology solutions. SMEs must adopt transformation and optimize its operations to stay relevant. Access to relevant information will make the difference between success and failure. Services Take your business to the next level and gain control over its processes with integrated ERP, CRM, HRMS, MRP, Project management and other Business Apps. Gain valuable business insight using advanced BI tools and take the right decision, always. Business Optimization High quality Chatbots , Web applications and Mobile applications tailored to your exact requirements. Our development follows world - class methodologies and we use the same technologies selected by Twitter, Facebook and Airbnb at affordable prices. Applications Development NavyBits helps you in building prototypes, MVPs, researching the feasibility of new ideas, innovating software solutions, developing IoT solutions and exploring new markets. Research & Consultancy

2. 2 Our Leadership team Hassan Tabbal Founder and General Manager of NavyBits Hassan Tabbal is the founder and General Manager of NavyBits . He has more than 12 years of experience in designing and building IT solutions. He is a computer and communication engineer with a current and active PMP certification from the project management institute. Taha Ziadeh VP of Engineering Taha Ziadeh is a remarkable engineer with strong analytical skills. Taha holds an engineering degree from Lebanese University with a strong drive to excellence and achievement. Taha knows how to turn complexity into achievable results. Hanane Al - Samrout Head of Mobile Development Attention to details and obsession about user experience. These are some of the qualities that Hanane brings to every project. Hanane holds an engineering degree from Lebanese University and excels at organizing work and meeting goals and deadlines.

4. 4 Quick Facts NavyBits invented “HurryUp”, a local commerce platform with the first Arabic chatbot. NavyBits was featured in Wamda , Al - Modon , Al - Hurra & Commerce du Levant (Jan. 2017) Innovation NavyBits adopted a culture of quality and attention to details. We provide our customers with satisfaction and success. Excellence NavyBits was founded in Nov. 2015 by Eng. Hassan Tabbal and Mr. Rabih Barakeh . NavyBits is registered legally as Navy Bits Co. C.R : 3011638 - F.R : 3252449 The Company 1 2 3 NavyBits success is rooted in its team spirit and highly skilled professionals. Team 4

7. 7 In addition to our professional services, we empower your business with off - the - shelf products and solutions that can further be tailored to your specific needs. Products Odoo is a modern and complete ERP developed by Odoo SA, Belgium. NavyBits is an official Odoo partner in Lebanon. Odoo Enterprise A unique integrated solution for supermarkets and malls with powerful add - ons :loyalty, beacons, interactivity and customer engagement. Smart Shop Plus Our unique workforce geo - tracking solution that enables real - time tracking even when offline. Navy Track Developed by NavyBits , Grow framework is the core of our software innovations and powers our web and mobile apps. Grow Framework

8. 8 A new startup that operates in USA and Lebanon. NavyBits provides the technology infrastructure & software solution for Cashanta . Cashanta MV3 Lebanon, Beirut selected NavyBits as its long - term technology partner to build its new software solutions for the construction industry. MV3 SAL Sanabel El - Nour is a non - profit organization with complex accounting and management requirements. Sanabel El - Nour selected NavyBits to evaluate and customize Odoo for its requirements. Sanabel El - Nour Customers & Partners


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