Our Kata

Serving your business with integrity


NavyBits has a secret and we want to share it with you! 

Our clients say that NavyBits is different. This is correct, and this is the result of a thoughtful and well planned process. 

We are seekers of wisdom. Our kata is the result of mixing the best of our cultural heritage with the way of the Samurai (Bushido) and western values.
This is our culture and our special way of doing things. 


You want beautiful UI/UX. We provide compelling and beautiful user experiences in everything we do.


You deserve carefully built products. We provide you with perfectly crafted solutions to meet and exceed your expectations.


Reliability is integrated in our company’s DNA to drive our momentum and innovation and serve our customers.

Continuous improvement

We never settle and we always search for ways to improve our products, services and ultimately our lives.


We respect you, we value our customers and we honor our commitments. Our team is one big family and we are all working together to deliver your goals.

Pride & dignity

We deliver solutions that we are proud of. Pride is an economic force that moves us forward and that influences our products, services and culture.