Delightful experiences and applications

We build the best chatbots, mobile and web applications in Lebanon and we turn it into successful businesses.

Our Values

By mixing western values, Bushido (the Samurai way) and our cultural heritage, we believe in:


You want beautiful UI/UX. We provide compelling and beautiful user experiences in everything we do.


You deserve carefully built products. We provide you with perfectly crafted solutions to meet and exceed your expectations.


Reliability is integrated in our company’s DNA to drive our momentum and innovation and serve our customers.

Kaizen (Continuous Improvement)

We never settle and we always search for ways to improve our products, services and ultimately our lives.


We respect you, we value our customers and we honor our commitments. Our team is one big family and we are all working together to deliver your goals.

Pride and Dignity

We deliver solutions that we are proud of. Pride is an economic force that moves us forward and that influences our products, services and culture.


We put at your service our collective and incremental wisdom. It is the result of applying our vision, strategy and values.

We innovate Mobile applications and Real-Time Web applications.

Our Services


Decision making and proper user engagement requires processing the flow of information in real-time. This is also the basis of the new business area of Internet of Things (IoT). Real-Time Web applications provide the best user experience and allows you to better engage your customers and innovate new products and services, faster.Choices are unlimited and we are here to help!


In alignment with our values, we provide reliable business and technological consultancy that helps you to address your current business challenges in the areas of Project Management, Agile Project Management, Business Process Management and Re-engineering, Lean product development and digital marketing.

Mobile Applications and experiences

The app market will be a 77 billion dollars industry by 2017 and will keep growing. The majority of business innovation is currently happening by developing new mobile services. We adopt a design first approach, which focuses on creating compelling UI/UX and we utilize the leading mobile technologies to target Android and IOS devices.

CLOUD Solution

Growing your business at affordable prices and minimizing operational costs in the benefits of the cloud. We support both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Innovation .Quality .Mobile .Web

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